Visit of the Louis Vuitton exhibition at the Grand Palais

This week on a beautiful sunny day I went to Louis Vuitton exhibition at the Grand Palais “fly vogue travel”.
From the entrance I was caught in a sweet dream of travel.
Indeed, the scenography signed Robert Carsen is simply magical as it is conducive to travel and appeal to the imagination.

Several rooms are dedicated to a particular mode of transport, one is devoted to the journey by train, with its varnished mahogany panels, its polished brass luggage racks, its beautiful leather banquettes and obviously these divine trunks and luggage Vuitton period, 1900-1930 …
Another room depicts the deck of a sailboat with a gigantic sail and sail, another still has, planted in the wall a half model plane bi-plane, on whose wings are laid luggage. A last room has transformed into a country road in the spring, punctuated again with magnificent luggage.

The selection of pieces presented is also impressive and eclectic. Many of them can be found at Red Rose Antiques but others are extremely rare , even unique.
I think especially aluminum, zinc or copper trunks that are both surprising and beautifully timeless. Initially they were created in these materials to withstand hot and humid climates. I was also impressed by these fabulous travel essentials hiding unfolding compartments, crystal bottles and many tricks. Many models are also interesting because of their membership, Lauren Bacall, Elyzabeth Taylor, Christian Dior and many others. … Walking in the alleys of this exhibition is both fun and tasty.

I strongly advise you to visit this exhibition so warm and special.

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