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Hermes began as a maker of leather equestrian items for European noblemen. Then, gradually, this company turned into one of the most storiesd fashion labels in the entire world.
In 1837,his founder, called Thierry Hermes opened a saddle and harness store in Paris. Then, little by little, the company extended its inventory to meet needs of riders for top quality luggage. Nowodays, Hermes that is a family run business still pays tribute to its equestrian origins using horses motifs in their creations of clothing, cutlery,china,jewelry or handbags.
The bag called the “Haut à Courroies” was born in 1892 and was the first top handled bag made by Hermes.It was a tall and sturdy bag with a folded leather flap, designed to carry and store riding boots and harness.
With the arrival of automobile,the use of this bag evolved from a saddlebag to a travel bag Today, 120 years later, the Haut a Courroies” is still in Hermes’ catalog and its line and style opened a door on many other iconic Hermes bags.
Then, in the 1930’s, Hermes designed a smaller bag in the same style with flap and side straps in a trapezoidal shape.A little later,in the 1950’s,Grace Kelly who was photographed constantly, was seen wearing one of these bags . The popularity of this bag went from Paris to New York, to London, and all over the world becoming the sign “chic a la francaise”. Then in 1977, Hermes named this bag the Kelly Bag and its world tour never stopped since this moment.
Each Kelly bag requires a lot of knowing how from top of the range craftsmen and need 18 and 25 hours to produce .Moreover its 680 hand stitches are realized by only one artisan from the start to the end of its production…
In 1981, Jean Louis Dumas, then Hermès chairman took a plane where he seated next to Jane Birkin a French singer and actress . During their conversation, she evoked the difficulty to find a both multifunctional and elegant bag. It was the beginning of a cooperation between Jane Birkin and Hermes in elaborating the design a roomy carryall bag keeping the HAC’s style with its leather flap top. The Birkin Bag was born…
Kelly and Birkin are seen at the arm of various personalities from Princess to music stars. Always very chic, these bags, thanks to their handcrafted construction and their elegance are coveted by collectors all over the world. On top the pleasure to own one of these luxurious bags, they are also considered as safe investment…

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Hermes Etoupe Togo Birkin 35, Hermes Bag, Hermes Birkin Bag

20000 €
Reference : HER-4652
This wonderful Hermes Birkin 35 bag features étoupe Togo calfskin leather, white saddle stitch seam and silver palladium metal hardware. It is stamped in silver "Hermes Paris, made in France" .Supple Togo is scratch resistant, very sturdy and amazingly soft to the hand This stylish and sought after neutral color is the perfect Hermes handbag to get for an everyday use.. This Hermes Birkin 35 bag comes with its original dustbag, padlock , padlock's bag, key, clochette, raincoat and box , full set. It was made in circa 2013 and is in excellent condition, almost new. Its leather and goat skin interior features two wall pockets and a zip pocket . It is very clean, no smell and no stain.
Creator : Hermès
Place of origin : France
Period : 2010
Dimensions : Height: 8.67 in. (22 cm), Depth: 7.09 in. (18 cm), Length: 13.78 in. (35 cm) Condition : Very Good. Wear consistent with age and use.
20 000,00

Hermes Black Leather Sac A Depeches Briefcase, Hermes Briefcase, Hermes bag

3400 €
Reference : HER-4522

This Hermes black leather Sac A Depeches 39 briefcase is very elegant and convenient for an every day use. It features Hermès engraved golden plated hardware . It is embossed JCB initials. Its pinch lock top flap opens to an unlined and leather interior with 2 separate compartments and plenty of room for a laptop, papers, folders, notepads, binders and more.. Inside, there is no stain and no smell. Its top handle is in very good condition and is very comfortable. It is stamped in gold color on leather : Hermès Paris, made in France. This Hermes black leather sac still has got its clochette and its working key.

Place of origin : France Period : 21st Century Dimensions :Height: 11.82 in. (30 cm), Depth: 4.34 in. (11 cm), Length: 15.36 in. (39 cm) Condition : Good Wear consistent with age and use.

3 400,00

Hermès Black Leather Briefcase, Hermes Attache, Hermes Bag

2900 €
Reference : HER- 8642

This elegant Hermès briefcase features black calfskin leather and a comfortable leather handle. Closed by 2 Hermès engraved gold plated solid brass plated latches in the shape of an H as well as a one pinch lock closure , also engraved Hermès.This leather case is marked Hermès Paris in gold. When it is open, its interior reveals a magnificent all red leather interior and a flat pocket to store files and paperworks. It still has got its original key, its clochette and name holder,full set. This authentic Hermès black leather briefcase is a must have item for all serious Hermes lovers..So chic! 

Place of origin : France Period : Late 20th Century Dimensions : Height: 13.78 in. (35 cm), Depth: 3.94 in. (10 cm), Length: 17.72 in. (45 cm) Condition : Good Wear consistent with age and use. Please note that, as shown on photos, there are a couple of little scratches on the leather but generally speaking, it is in very good vintage condition.

2 900,00

Red Leather Hermes Suitcase 70 cm, Hermes Trunk, Hermes Luggage

4900 €
Reference : HER- 7812

Spectacular calf box red leather suitcase. It features one top handle, nickel-plated brass hardware,.Its two flip clasps as well as its one pinch lock closure are marked Hermes Paris . Embossed JRL initials under its handle . It is also stamped Hermes, 24 fg Saint Honoré. This red leather Hermes suitcase is in very good condition. There is light scuffing throughout the exterior leather, very scratching and pleasing patina to the hardware, and general signs of wear appropriate with age. Very clean original red canvas interiors with two red calf box leather straps that secure contents.It also features its original matching removable tray. It is a very chic piece of luggage and also a very posh element for high end decoration...

Place of origin : France Period : Mid-20th Century Dimensions :Height: 16.93 in. (43 cm), Depth: 8.27 in. (21 cm), Length: 27.96 in. (71 cm). Condition : Good Wear consistent with age and use.

4 900,00

Hermès Black Leather Pilot or Doctor’s Briefcase

4000 €
Reference : HER-8952

This very unusual Hermès briefcase features black leather and solid brass stamped Hermès lock. It also has got a beautiful all leather very comfortable handle in pristine condition .It is stamped Hermès Paris in gold under its flap. Sold with tirette, clochette, 2 keys. Its interior is all black leather too and it has got 2 compartments .This Hermès bag is as elegant as convenient. It would be an ideal bag for travel, work, school, laptop, tablet, business,professional doctor or lawyer. This Hermès briefcase is very hard to find it in such good condition. It is a genuine collector's piece.Generally speaking,this bag is in very good condition but please note a light scratch on it is vintage.

Place of origin : France Period : Late 20th Century Dimensions : Height: 13 in. (33 cm) Width: 17.33 in. (44 cm)  Depth: 7.88 in. (20 cm) Length: 16.15 in. (41 cm) Condition : Good Wear consistent with age and use.

4 000,00

Hermès Suitcase in Vellum and Leather

2400 €
Reference : HER-0602

This very nice Hermès suitcase is in beige vellum and leather. Its corners as well as its handle are in this typical Hermès red leather. Its ivory color vellum is gently patinated and offers a kind of marbred look that adds a touch of charm and personnality to this luxury piece of luggage. Its main lock and its clasps are made of solid brass and are stamped Hermès. Its interior is very clean and in good condition. It features 2 matching red leather adjustable straps. This Hermès suitcas still has got its leather name holder as well as its working key. It could be used for travel and also for decoration or storage. Its dimensions are: 65 cm x 17 cm x43 cm

Place of Origin : France
Date of Manufacture : End of 20th Century.
Period :End of 20th Century.
Materials and Techniques : Leather
Condition : Very good .
Dimensions Height: 15.75 in. (40 cm)Depth: 7.49 in. (19 cm)Length: 25.6 in. (65 cm)
Wear : Wear consistent with age and use
2 400,00

Hermès Black Leather Custom Made Jewelry and Watches Hard Case

Reference : Herm-6222

This elegant Hermès Leather Jewelry and Watches Case features black calfskin leather and a comfortable leather handle. Closed by a 2 Hermès engraved solid brass latches in the sahpe of an H. This leather case is marked Hermès Paris in gold. When it is open,its interior reveals a custom made French black suede 4 watch storage compartments and three more compartments for jewels and accessories. This authentic Hermès Leather Jewelry and Watches Case is a must have item for all serious watch collectors . 

Place of Origin : France
Period : late 20th Century.
Condition : Good .
Dimensions : Height: 10.24 in. (26 cm), Depth: 2.76 in. (7 cm), Length: 14.18 in. (36 cm)
Wear : Wear consistent with age and use. Please note that, as shown on photos, there are a couple of little scratches on the leather but generally speaking, it is in very good vintage condition.