Tall Vase in Blue-Green Iridescent Murano Glass with Rostrato Spikes Decor

3 800,00

Reference : VA-6852

This breathtaking Murano glass vase commands attention with its impressive size and striking design. Hand-blown in clear and deep blue-green hues, it showcases the mastery of the rostrato technique, featuring individually pulled glass spikes that add a captivating textural element.

A true testament to Italian craftsmanship, the thick-walled construction produces a mesmerizing play of iridescent reflections, making this vase a conversation starter in any room.

Embrace the Legacy of Mid-Century Modern Design:

  • Signed on the bottom, this vase is a collectible piece with a rich history.
  • Weighing a substantial 18 kg, it exudes quality and grandeur.
  • The diameter transitions from 18 cm at the base to 29 cm at the top, creating a visually dynamic silhouette.

More than just a vase, it’s a work of art. This magnificent Murano glass creation will be a cherished focal point in your home for years to come.

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